Focus, Measure, and Evaluate.
Beyond spreadsheets and patient lists, Analytics with Teqqa are focused on the real needs of Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs. Our Analytics are designed for stewardship teams to focus, measure, and evaluate with timely and accessible data.

Dig in.
Analytics with Teqqa are interactive, letting you hone in to uncover root causes. Begin with trends over time for resistance rates or antibiotic use, then focus to specific hotspots with granularity. These are Analytics for discovery and learning so that you can target and modify stewardship interventions. With Teqqa you can easily measure the impact of stewardship activities. Drive accountability with associations between individual provider decisions with process and patient outcomes.

Integrated with the rest of the Teqqa tools, our Analytics let you discover individual successes and demonstrate the positive impact on patient care.

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