Clinical Decision Support


Antibiotic Stewardship for Everyone.
The path to improving population health at your institution begins with each individual patient care decision. Clinical Decision Support (CDS) with Teqqa puts information and clinical context directly into the hands of those who need to act on it. By combining patient-specific factors with local microbiology and clinical guidelines, Teqqa delivers CDS directly to point-of-care providers as well as antimicrobial stewardship teams for better antibiotic prescribing.

Providers become active members of the stewardship process through timely and current information, thorough and precise therapeutic insight, and collaborative multi-disciplinary team care. With such a partnership, the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program can be assured that patients are receiving the best possible therapy at the time of decision making, rather than catch-and-correct practices.

Wherever. Whenever.
Our CDS goes beyond clinical pathways and intrusive alerts. Our tools, available both in browsers and on smartphones, allow clinicians to receive and act on the critical data they want without interrupting their workflow. Teqqa takes the wide scope of infectious diseases data and puts it at your fingertips with actionable information and collaboration tools.


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