Lab Directors

Teqqa delivers clinical microbiology results directly to point-of-care providers and stewardship teams. Ensure that critical findings are used for clinical decision making and better patient care.

  • Rapid diagnostics alerts coupled with stewardship action improve time to appropriate therapy
  • Strengthens the contribution of the clinical lab to improved patient outcomes
  • Brings the microbiology lab into the collaborative multi-disciplinary approach to patient care
  • Combination of technology and process leads to return on investment
  • Antibiogram is automatically updated monthly, saving staff time
“The Teqqa apps are now engrained in our antimicrobial stewardship process, providing us with quick access to data and resistance patterns to inform our physicians’ prescribing decisions. It is now a part of how we deliver top patient care.”
— Keith Hamilton, M.D., Associate Healthcare Epidemiologist and Director of Antimicrobial Stewardship at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania