Teqqa delivers robust Clinical Decision Support to point-of-care providers at the bedside via smartphone. By providing actionable information and multi-disciplinary collaboration, Teqqa transforms the provider into an extension of stewardship activity for better antibiotic prescribing.

  • Improve therapeutic decision making with Precision Antibiotic Therapy (PAT) recommendations
  • Access local antibiograms and treatment guidelines
  • Collaborate in real-time with the stewardship team
  • Partner with the stewardship team for better patient care
  • Customize notifications with access anytime
  • All delivered to their smartphone for immediate access
“The Teqqa apps are now engrained in our antimicrobial stewardship process, providing us with quick access to data and resistance patterns to inform our physicians’ prescribing decisions. Physician usage of antibiograms has grown exponentially since we instituted the Teqqa iAntibiogram: from an average of 28 views a month of our web-based static antibiogram to an average of 3,900 views per month of the Teqqa iAntibiogram. It is now a part of how we deliver top patient care.”
— Keith Hamilton, M.D., Associate Healthcare Epidemiologist and Director of Antimicrobial Stewardship at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania