For Stewardship Interventions:

Teqqa helps stewardship teams touch more patients in less time to get the most from their resources.

  • Use real-time clinical data for decision making
  • Enhance communication among the stewardship team and collaborate with other healthcare providers
  • Power prospective audit with smart analytics
  • Electronic prior authorization requests and approvals
  • Automate routine tasks and focus your efforts

For Stewardship Surveillance, Planning, and Evaluation:

Use Teqqa for access to critical data and sophisticated analytics made easy. Visualize what is happening right now at your institution or drill down to find unique characteristics.

  • Increase situational awareness of resistance and antimicrobial use
  • Identify areas for intervention quickly and easily
  • Monitor data specific to your organization
  • Measure success of interventions, track key statistics, and relate interventions with patient outcomes