Teqqa’s iAntibiogram revolutionizes the traditional approach to antibiotic stewardship by providing timely access to relevant data to improve antibiotic use.  Our solution delivers world-class results by applying advanced analytics to readily available EHR data.  The impact?  Smarter prescribing actions, better clinical outcomes, and fewer unintended consequences.

Access to Timely Data. Any Device.  iAntibiogram delivers timely, localized, aggregated antibiotic data to key stakeholders so they can make optimal prescribing decisions.  Our robust desktop and mobile tools provide clinicians with easy access to dive into their data and make informed decisions.  The application can be installed locally, so the data never leaves the walls of the provider.

Specificity at your Fingertips. iAntibiogram can be specified to levels at the facility, ICU, or non-ICU, organism group and specimen source. Updates are made quarterly or monthly as needed. iAntibiogram™ also provides susceptibilities to common antibiotic combinations.

Accessibility to current, relevant data is imperative to improving antibiotic use.   iAntibiogram is your optimal solution for antibiotic stewardship.

Watch a demo below to see how iAntibiogram helps your clinicians optimize antibiotic use for patients at your hospital.

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