Our Mission

At Teqqa, our goal is to make significant strides in healthcare by improving the care people receive and cutting inefficiencies and needless costs. Within the vast expanse of healthcare, our focus is on improving antibiotic use in hospitals. As antibiotic resistance continues to grow as a national and worldwide threat, the need for antibiotic stewardship programs and technology solutions is even more critical at the hospital level.  Teqqa antibiotic stewardship applications provide the cutting-edge solutions that hospitals need to improve stewardship effectiveness and efficiency significantly. Using timely data and world-class analytics, we provide a technology that transforms how antibiotics are prescribed. True stewardship will include personalized antibiotic therapy -- providing the right drug, right dosage, in the right duration.

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A future without antibiotics is not a future we want to see.

Because of the severe problem of antibiotic resistance, we created a unique company to develop software tools that physicians and stewardship teams desperately need.

As we build relationships with leading hospitals to help them strengthen their antibiotic stewardship programs, we are excited about the amazing results and improvements we have seen to date.
— Dr. Dan Peterson, MD, MPH, Teqqa CEO and Founder