Teqqa Partners with CDC Get Smart About Antibiotics Week 2015

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From November 16-22, 2015, Teqqa is a partner of the CDC Get Smart About Antibiotics Week campaign. The annual observance is a global effort to raise awareness on the real, growing threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the importance of antibiotic stewardship. Get Smart About Antibiotics Week covers antibiotic use across all domains, from agriculture to healthcare, outpatient to inpatient, domestically and globally with partners in Canada, Europe, and Australia. We are all at risk of infections from these resistant bacteria so saving antibiotics is the responsibility of us all.

While good antibiotic stewardship is key to appropriate prescribing and, thus, to slowing resistance, the reality is that limited resources can hinder the most motivated of stewardship programs. Technology stands to serve an increasingly larger role in stewardship both for surveillance and intervention. But, how can we do more to ensure that each and every patient is receiving optimized antibiotic therapy. At Teqqa, we're dedicated to this idea and believe the road forward is through dedicated apps, robust analytics, and innovation. Our observance of Get Smart About Antibiotics Week is about our core value to make a difference in infectious diseases.

Follow along with us on Twitter @TeqqaLLC for our activity throughout the week and use #SaveAbx