Teqqa launches Precision Antibiotic Therapy (PAT™) to tackle antibiotic resistance globally

PAT applies predictive analytics and big data to deliver optimized patient-specific antibiotic guidance in real time

JACKSON HOLE, WY. (February 17, 2017) – Teqqa LLC announced today the launch of Precision Antibiotic Therapy (PAT), breakthrough technology developed to help physicians prescribe personalized antibiotic therapy for patients based on their specific conditions and history.  Among the factors PAT uses are the patient’s age, gender, medical conditions, allergies, illness severity, location, recent antibiotic exposures, and previous culture and susceptibility results.

“We founded Teqqa to address the growing issues with antibiotic resistance, applying precision medicine principles to infectious disease,” said Dan Peterson, MD, MPH, CEO and Founder of Teqqa.  “Precision Medicine to this point has been almost all about cancer therapy. Precision Antibiotic Therapy (PAT) extends that paradigm and puts this functionality at physicians’ fingertips real-time to improve outcomes for some of the deadliest, costliest, and most common conditions in healthcare, including sepsis, pneumonia, and UTI.  The antibiograms that hospitals currently have are done once a year, are not predictive, and are not patient specific.  That’s not nearly good enough.”

“Teqqa is transforming how we treat infectious diseases,” said Keith Hamilton, MD, Associate Healthcare Epidemiologist and Director of Antimicrobial Stewardship at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. “Our providers can view patient-specific antibiotic recommendations, collaborate as needed with our stewardship team, and opt to be notified when new information indicates a change in therapy may be warranted - all from the Teqqa app on their smartphone.”

PAT is a real-time application specifically designed to optimize antibiotic therapy for each patient, thereby reducing antibiotic resistance in populations overall. It is available as a smartphone app or on the web app.  Other Teqqa technologies also enable

  • Alerts and rapid diagnostic results sent directly to clinicians in real-time
  • Real-time collaboration between stewardship teams and providers
  • Historic tracking of providers’ actions, with correlation to patient outcomes
  • Reporting on clinical improvements and financial savings.

Visit booth #6690 at HIMSS17 to learn more.

About Teqqa

Teqqa is the healthcare technology leader in improving infectious disease outcomes.  Through its software and mobile applications, Teqqa helps hospitals optimize antibiotic use and combat antimicrobial resistance. Teqqa also provides robust analytics to clinical data, allowing clinical teams to focus on problems, measure outcomes, and evaluate progress.  At the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Medicine relies on Teqqa tools to power their antimicrobial stewardship program.  For more information on Teqqa’s solutions, visit www.teqqa.com or email contact@teqqa.com.