Join a Different, Better Kind of Company Are you a motivated self-starter and interested in working at an innovative company that is rapidly improving healthcare?

Teqqa is looking for highly-motivated people who want to be part of changing how healthcare is delivered and be part of a new and different type of company where the only limits are those you place on yourself.

Our Internal Mission

We are on two missions, perhaps a dangerous thing. The first is to find a better way, a more interesting and more fun way to do work. The second is to radically improve how healthcare is delivered, to bring the full power of what the information age has to offer to patient care. A few of our core values follow:

  • We believe intrinsic rewards matter most. What we most want from our work is to have really interesting days, during which can give generously of our talents and work with other great people doing the same. We thrive on building and delivering great stuff that makes the world a better place. We also want flexible hours to be well paid. And we don’t miss having bosses, bureaucracy or office politics.
  • We believe there are big improvements to be made in the practice of medicine, in the way healthcare is done. We do things to improve the care people receive and to cut inefficiencies and needless costs. Within the vast expanse that is healthcare, our focus is on improving antibiotic use in hospitals.
  • This is a journey. There are companies doing things like this, but by their own admission, they don’t have it all figured out. Our version, 100%virtual and working on an open source model in healthcare, is to our knowledge unique. Much of this will be an experiment. All of it is a journey worth taking.

What it's like to work with us:

  • You have no boss. No one tells anyone what to do. Among the projects here, you choose your own work. Or your start something new. Tasks are chosen, not assigned. It is up to you to spend your time on what you think will best move us forward.
  • Communications are wide open. There are no secrets. All meetings are open to all. You can review the company financials anytime you want.
  • There are no titles; everyone is a colleague. There is no formal structure or hierarchy. Teams are self-defining and self-organizing.
  • There are no fixed hours and there is no coming into the office. We’re 100% virtual – there is no office.

Lest you get the wrong impression, you will work hard. This is very serious.

  • You have to make promises to others about what you are going to deliver, and you have to keep those promises.
  • You have to be a motivated self-starter and take the initiative every day, as no one is going to tell you what to do.
  • You have to actively collaborate, giving as well as taking. Your peers need to be able to reach you, and you need to be responsive.
  • You have to earn your pay. Your compensation is determined by your peers, by how much they think you contributed to moving us forward.

Who We Need

Right now, we are looking for a few great people who want to be involved as we launch. Areas of relevant expertise are: antibiotic stewardship, EMRs, clinical decision support, data repositories and warehouses, analytics and advanced data modeling, and mobile computing. Self-motivation and an entrepreneurial spirit are essential.

Think You're a Fit?

If you’re interested, email us at or here. Say why you want to work in a company like this. Say something about why improving healthcare is what you want to do. Say something about your skills and expertise that you love using. We’ll get back to you.