Technology in Antibiotic Stewardship Programs

Top 5 Reasons to use Technology for Antibiotic Stewardship:

  1. Guide better empiric therapy by putting your hospital’s clinical guidelines and up-to-date antibiograms on your providers’ smartphones.
  2. Deliver alerts and rapid diagnostic results directly to clinicians in real-time, couched in language they can understand and act upon.
  3. Empower your stewardship team and support frontline providers to make the best decisions the first time, accomplishing more without hiring new staff.
  4. Track providers’ actions after receiving results and alerts to see who changes therapy appropriately, who does not, and what is the difference in their outcomes.
  5. Monitor, on an ongoing basis, the effectiveness of your stewardship program and report to administration every month both clinical improvements and financial savings.

Antibiotic resistance is a rapidly spreading global health threat. Faced with the reality of patient harm, hospital leaders have no choice but to fight back and save antibiotic effectiveness now with antibiotic stewardship programs. Stewardship teams are each unique to their organization, but they all stand to benefit greatly from the addition of technology.

Healthcare generates an enormous amount of data. The efficient and successful stewardship program will need tools to easily transform this sheer volume of clinical data into actionable information, measurable outcomes, and observable trends. 

Technology is critical to accessing and assessing clinical data. Sophisticated tools facilitate surveillance of trends over time to help in intervention planning and antibiogram creation. For daily patient care, technology provides benefits to stewardship teams as well as point-of-care providers with the delivery of real-time clinical information. Such real-time information can be used to make better antibiotic treatment decisions. Integration of technology in an antibiotic stewardship program will positively impact individual patient care, population outcomes, and the bottom line.

Volumes of data are transformed by Teqqa Apps to useful analyses of trends to optimize patient care and antibiotic use.

Volumes of data are transformed by Teqqa Apps to useful analyses of trends to optimize patient care and antibiotic use.

However, despite the pressure received from professional, regulatory, and governmental organizations, hospitals can only invest their resources in a limited number of improvement initiatives.  Technology enhances and supplements personnel to increase efficiency and success without increasing manpower.


Client Success Story: Tackling Resistance with Technology

Teqqa has enabled the University of Pennsylvania Health System, a large academic healthcare institution that embraces technology, to boost their antimicrobial stewardship program and have seen dramatic sustained success in reducing antibiotic use and improving interventions. Read more