Teqqa Steward

Teqqa is a complete platform for stewardship activities. Made specifically for antimicrobial stewardship program team members, Teqqa Steward is designed to enhance workflow, communication, and efficiency. Teqqa Steward goes beyond the traditional simple worklists of other software programs and puts you at the hub of activities to optimize antimicrobial use across your organization.


Our tools for point-of-care providers help facilitate prior authorization by directing prescribers to the best initial therapeutic decisions. For prospective audit, our smart analytics identify patients for intervention in real-time and present them in a browser-based, sortable, and searchable format. One click gives you access to pertinent clinical information for decision-making and easy communication between stewardship team members. Document interventions, set reminders on alerts, and notify other healthcare providers of your recommendations all without the need for paper-based systems.


“The Teqqa apps are now engrained in our antimicrobial stewardship process, providing us with quick access to data and resistance patterns to inform our physicians’ prescribing decisions. It is now a part of how we deliver top patient care.”
— Keith Hamilton, M.D., Associate Healthcare Epidemiologist and Director of Antimicrobial Stewardship at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania