Teqqa Analytics

Teqqa Analytics is a robust analytics solution to help hospitals strengthen their antibiotic stewardship program (ASP) by providing access to timely data so they can focus on the problem, measure outcomes, and evaluate progress. Focus. Measure. Evaluate. 

With Teqqa Analytics, users will:

  • Measure a Baseline. Get an in-depth assessment of your current antimicrobial usage, including identifying aspects for intervention.
  • Target Interventions and track progress. Analyze with periodic subsequent assessments to track effectiveness – and enable a refocus on your program as needed.
  • Examine Outcomes. Report on antimicrobial usage by individual physicians, adjusted for specialty and patient mix.
  • Refine Interventions and Evaluate impacts. Get feedback on how changes in antimicrobial use are impacting:
    • Direct costs of antimicrobial agents
    • Indirect costs- including ICU days, total length of stay, and re-admissions
    • Patient outcomes – including adverse drug events, c. diff. rates, and mortality

Teqqa Analytics provides robust analytics on your data to empower users to achieve better stewardship, reduce costs and improve healthcare quality.

Watch a demo below to see how Teqqa Analytics can help your stewardship program Focus, Measure, and Evaluate.

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