Work Tools

Stewardship for the 21st Century.
Work Tools in Teqqa improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the antibiotic stewardship team. Teqqa puts team members at the hub of all stewardship activities, enhancing prospective audit with feedback to providers as well as prior authorization of select antibiotic agents. Teqqa is more than simple patient lists. Our browser and smartphone available tools identify the needs of individual patients through robust data processing while simultaneously assessing the clinical scenario. Work Tools in Teqqa provide timely information whenever the stewardship team needs it, all in a searchable and sortable format. 

Be Connected.
Teqqa builds the key relationships between providers and stewardship teams for optimized multi-disciplinary care. We connect clinicians with easy communication, more than just texts, to share real, actionable information and document care plans. With such information sharing, Teqqa strengthens the collaboration between stewardship team and point-of-care providers to optimize antibiotic prescribing in all patients.

“The Teqqa apps are now engrained in our antimicrobial stewardship process, providing us with quick access to data and resistance patterns to inform our physicians’ prescribing decisions. It is now a part of how we deliver top patient care.”
— Keith Hamilton, M.D., Associate Healthcare Epidemiologist and Director of Antimicrobial Stewardship at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

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